Parc Natural de l'Alt Pirineu

Our campsite is located inside the Parc natural de l’Alt Pirineu on the front of the Noguera de Cardós river.

Medieval Bridge route

A quiet and flat walk through the Cardos walnut grove, which begins just above the village and ends at Lladorre Ribera de Cardos, crossing four medieval bridges and passing two small chapels. The starting point is the Borito Bridge, a stone bridge that has remained in its natural state for centuries, a really lovely place surrounded by lush vegetation. Also, suitable for mountain biking.

pont de Borito

Villages routes

We can walk along old bridle paths to different villages, in all of them enjoying the charming rural tranquility and peaceful environing. We can go to Boldís Jussà or Boldís Sobirà, Lladrós, Lladorre, Lleret, Tavascan, Arròs de Crdós, Esterri Cardós, Ginestarre … Suitable for mountain biking.

Climb to Punta Puiti

You can do the whole route on foot or by bike from Can Serra (1,50h) or by car up to Boldís Sobirà and then walk for about 20 minutes. It is worth it for the spectacular view: From the Punta Puiti peak you can see all the towns in the valley. (Foto: Ramon Oromí Farré [calBenido])

@sobreelterreny photo’s

Plans de Boavi

Pla de Boavi

The Pla de Boavi an essential excursion, is undoubtedly the most famous in the Vall de Cardós. We will go by car to Tavascan (3km), at the exit of the village take a detour to the right and go along about 6 km of track to reach a reservoir where we can leave the vehicle, so-called “Presa de Montalto.” It is about a 30 minutes walk to get to the plane. Wonderful, indescribable, a place of great natural beauty where spruce, birch and water are elements that accompanies us along de way. We continued walking for about 20 minutes, crossing the bridge until reaching the waterfalls. They are spectacular! From here you can also reach Pica d’Estats, the highest point of Catalonia, passed the Broate shelter in 2 hours 30 minutes, and to the Pica d’Estats in 6 hours and 30 minutes From this shelter.

Certascan Lake

Certascan lake is the most well-known because it is the largest and deepest in the Pyrenees. Located at 2236 m, it is bare vegetation, but is surrounded by incomparably beautiful granite walls to the north and slate to the remaining areas. By its side is the Certascan Peak (2853m). The Lake has a shelter. Estany de Naorte it is not as much impressive for its size, but for its beauty. The exuberant vegetation, the wonderful shades of blue-green water, the exceptional company of pines and red rhododendron bushes give it the deserved reputation of being the most beautiful lake in the Pyrenees. Other lakes less well-known but no less beautiful are the Upper Romedo, the lower Romedo, the Closell, the Estanyosos the Becera, Mariola, the Devil, the Flamisella, Seno, the Guiló…

Estany de Certascan
Estany de Sant Maurici

Aigüestortes National Park

From 45 minutes of Can Serra by road in Espot. It includes the upper valleys of the Escrita and Paguera rivers with ponds and lakes as well known as the Saint Maurici, Ratera, Amitges… and ancient peaks like the legendary Encantats, true symbol of Aigüestortes National Park.