The Santa Eulàlia's hermitage is located right next to the farm and saw the campsite. It is a small chapel dating from the twelfth century, a century after they built the house.
It is particular usage Can Serra, as well as its small cementery. It has Romanesque style.

The gateway to the precinct of the cemetery and the hermitage is made up of a half-point arch that rests on a line of shrubs and benches of solid ashlars, all with granite stone.

The building consists of a single nave covered with a wooden structure and raised to the east by a semicircular apse preceded by a pre-lateral arch.
Externally, it has a linteled stone lintel set arranged horizontally, except for the western wall where there are two rows of large slabs, just at the base of the bell tower.

The door opens in the south facade and is a velveteous arc extruded by a guardapols, which starts with two imposts. L'arc is made, like jambs, in very clear granite stone, which stands out powerfully in the whole facade. Innerly, the head-and-high door is formed by a stunned arc.

On the southern façade there is a double-sealed window and there are two more, of which the one located in the center has an outer finish made up of the backbone, with incisive boards that highlight it.
Inside, small vestiges of mural paintings are observed in the jambs of the presbyterial arch. On the altar, there is a small altarpiece of Santa Eulàlia, Renaissance woodwork, sculpted and painted. The National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) preserves the complete and original altar of the hermitage, consisting of four tables. In 1959, a priest named Josep Freixa made a document telling the family that they said that they were going to lift it to restore it and that they would return it; They returned, but not the original ... During all these years, there have been celebrations of private parties of the family: baptisms, communions, weddings ... And also for a few summers, there is celebrated the so-called Aplec de Santa Eulàlia , a big party for children and adults with an extensive program of events.

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